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340 McCullers Drive, Clayton, NC

We meet at the Civitan Building near the Municipal Park.

Worship Service | Sundays 10 AM



Where We Are Located

340 McCullers Drive, Clayton, NC

**Our address may also be listed online as 340 McCullers St, but it is the same location.  Just Google “Clayton Methodist Church,” and you will easily be directed to our location.**

This church may lack the architectural splendor often associated with places of worship, but what it lacks in exterior beauty, it more than compensates for with the warmth and friendship found within its walls. After entering, you’re greeted not by towering spires or intricate stained glass but by the genuine smiles of those who have found a second family within this simple space.

Located on the far right of our building, near the sports field, is the main hall where we have worship services and other large events.  On the opposite side of the building, closest to the parking lot, we have rooms to use for Sunday School, Bible studies, children as well as youth programming.